>NFL Schedule Release:

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Sports

>The full 2011-2012 NFL Schedule was released last night, I can’t and won’t go through every single game of the season with you but I can give you my top 5 games of next season:

5) Opening Night (Thursday Sept. 8th)
Saints at the superbowl champion Packers.
4) Week 16: Giants at Jets
3) Week 9: Giants at Patriots

2) Week 13: Sunday Night Football: Colts at Patriots
1) Week 2: Sunday Night Football: Mike Vick returns to Atlanta.
Eagles vs Falcons

Obviously every division rivalry games (Jets/Pats/Dolphins, Cowboys/Eagles/Giants and Packers/Vikings/Bears) are always good games and I am looking foward to those as well but they just don’t make the list. Now let’s just hope for a deal to end this lock out! Draft in 9 days.

  1. larry says:

    >they better not have a lockout nahmean? im tryin to watch some football this year

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