>"next year" Knicks

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Sports
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>Another tough one in this playoffs for the New York Knicks, the blow out in the garden friday night gives the Celtics a 3-0 lead in the series. No NBA team has ever come back from that deficit, Yup see ya next year knicks … again.

I didn’t know Rondo had a triple-double until someone told me on the train ride home. 20 assists impressive? #NAH … call me a hater, call me whatever but I’ll still stick with my gut and tell you Rondo sucks. Wait until Pierce Allen and KG retire … so will Rondo’s “game”.
The only bright spot of the game was this funny video with Tracy Morgan and my girl Jill Martin!
Knicks host game 4 sunday at Madison Square Garden at 3:30pm. Tickets were $240+ for the 400’s on friday afternoon, Now they are $89 … and for an odd reason I still kinda wanna go. I hope I don’t because the season is over.


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