>Ronnie And Mike The "Situation" Start Their Physical Beef?

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Entertainment


This is not new news to the fans of the “Jersey Shore.” Its not the first time we’ve seen these two disagreeing about something, just so happens this disagreement got physical. It was bound to happen after all the fake love that these two were giving each other calling themselves “boys.” According to TMZ Ronnie and Mike got into a brutal fight this past Monday night. The “Situation” also seemed to have a little situation of his own, the fist fight left him in need of some serious medical attention. Supposedly Mike got into an accidental injury and that’s why his face was badly bruised. The real question is then why are Ronnie’s nuckles all cut up? No one has actually confirmed that the two duked it out but I guarantee there will be some boxing matches on this up and coming season of the “Jersey Shore.”


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