>Eminem x Royce "RESPECT" Magazine out today! New Commercial, Eminem New Movie?

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Hip Hop
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 Looks like Bad and Evil are getting some well deserved respect now of days. The Two artists will be covering the new edition of RESPECT which hits shelves today!
On Friday June 10th at 8pm Shade 45 will be holding a special interview with Eminem and Royce discussing each track off the new album! Listen to whole Bad Meets Evil Hell: The Sequel before it drops on June 14th right here on ItsCaveTalk.com
Check out the Track list, “Fast Lane” video preview, commercial and Eminem doing another movie? below. Check out the  whole EP  on the right side of the page.

Eminem Close To New Movie
Seems like Eminem has got his buzz back, Eminem is getting closer to inking the deal for the new boxing movie he will be strarring in. Eminem hasnt hit the main screen since he played himself in the 2002 oscar nominated movie “8 Mile.” This movie would consist of a southpaw welterweight champ who fights his way through tough tragedies to get himself back to the top of the game. The movie has been heard to just be waiting on signing a deal with Antoine Fuqua the director of “Training Day” starring Denzel washington. Well see if Eminem can top “8 Mile.”
  1. 8 mileee says:

    >There is no way Eminem is topping 8 Mile.

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