Game “RED Album” Review:

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Hip Hop

After “Brake Lights” “Purp and Patron, and most recently the “Hood Morning” mixtape The RED Album is finally here.

Track by Track break down and ratings:

1: Dr Dre Intro
nice hearing the doc back with Game.

2: The City Featuring Kendrick Lamar
My favorite song on the album. Great hearing Game and Kendrick together on one track, The both killed it.

3: Drug Test Featuring Dr. Dre and Snoop
This is an OK track, I see where they were trying to go but I just don’t love it. It’s average *kanye shurg*

4: Martians vs Goblins Featuring Tyler the Creator and Lil Wayne
Really like this track, something new and different with Tyler. I think Tyler spit better than Game on this record. Only problem I have is that Weezy just did the hook, no verse.

5: RED Nation Featuring Lil Wayne
Great song, the anthem Game needed to push the album.

6: Dr. Dre 1
Dre interlude.

7: Good Girls Go Bad Featuring Drake
The song is good but when you have Drake on the track, why not use him for the hook? It’s still a decent song though.

8: Ricky
The “Boys in the Hood” tribute I guess. Kind of random but a pretty good song. Don’t like how it took a minute to get to the real track. No hook, just Game rapping for 3mins straight. The track seemed like an album filler, Maybe a better mixtape track than an album song but it still wasn’t bad.

9: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Game switches up his voice a little, sounds too raspy and low on this one. Way too short of a track. It was almost like an intro to the next track.

10: Heavy Artillery Featuring Rick Ross and Beanie Sigel
Game explained how he almost made a super group with Ross and Beanie. This track is dope, they might have to reconsider that group.

11: Paramedics Featurings Young Jeezy
Game got the old Jeezy back on this one. Game sounded like he was sick again with that excessive raspy voice but its a good track.

12: Speakers on Blast Featuring Big Boi and E-40
Game had to switch up and give the south and west a mix. Game kills the hook, but the beat isn’t anything special. Average song

13: Hello Featuring Lloyd
Welcome to the soft section of the RED Album. Song for the ladies, Not my kind of rap.

14: All The Way Gone Featuring Mario and Wale
Again song for the ladies, never was a fan of Mario and probably never will be. Too soft

15: Pot of Gold Featuring Chris Brown
I guess this was the 2nd single, they have the video out for it but no radio play. This is def my favorite track of the soft section. Breezy kills the hook, Chris Brown > Lloyd > Mario

16: Dr Dre 2
Dr Dre interlude

17: All I Know Featuring Lu Breeze
Not really sure who Lu Breeze is but the hook is kinda cool. Something a little different but the song’s flow is on point. Nice change of pace towards the end of the album.

18: Born In The Trap
Produced by DJ Premier so this track had no chance to fail. Solid all around.

19: Mama Knows Featuring Nelly Furtado
This was the first track that stuck out when I read the tracklist, why was Nelly Furtado on the RED Album? She proves that she shouldn’t be on it, the hook is off. Doesn’t fit if you asked me. The song is pretty good besides her.

20: California Dream
Good track, got the cali feel to it. Nice way to end the album

21: Dr. Dre Outro

The RED Features Album … way too many people on here but there were a lot of good tracks. 21 tracks, 4 skits so 17 songs 11/17 were good. The RED Album had a “Movie Type” feel to it but never really finished the story in my opinion. I’d give the RED Album a 7.5/10

  1. Tim W says:

    have 2 agree with u fam game cd was ok couple bangerz but thats it!

  2. dru says:

    lmao at calling one of the best songs Game’s ever done (Ricky) a filler song

  3. gotta agree with dru, Ricky is one of the best songs on the album in my opinion. I think overall The RED Album deserves a solid 8, maybe even an 8.5. The album had plenty of substance and re-playability but the “soft section” as it was called really turned me off (Hello ft Lloyd, Pot of Gold ft. Chris Brown, the track with Mario and the Nelly Furtado track). Game shouldn’t be going for that fake, r&b gangsta look. He needs to stick to what he does best, hard west coast gangsta rap.

  4. I gave it a 3 out of a 5, too many features, Dre’s narrating is ineffective, Game showing no progression as a lyricist, still doing what he’s been doing the last 3 albums, production not as good as earlier albums, getting a ok premier beat, but the two dedication joints are dope IMO and Heavy Artillery is the best song on the album. I wanted more with less songs.

  5. Krafty says:

    the album was dope. i think it could have done without the Lloyd and Mario, and Nelly feature. best songs are Martians vs Goblins, Ricky, Good Bad Ugly and Speakers on Blast. is it just me or shouldnt Game be getting a Daz production??? better than Watch the Throne definitely!

  6. Tay says:

    8.5 easily. I don’t mind the features because they all fit. Well I will say that he should have left the Lloyd and Mario songs off and replaced them with a Nas or Busta track. Those are always good collabs. And speaking on the Nelly Furtado song, it’s slick, his flow is great on there, nice Pharrell beat and she laid down a nice hook, not commercial at all. Anyway, great album. RED, Success Is Certain, Section.80, Bad Meets Evil and Watch The Throne are top 5 albums this year (no particular order)

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