‘Watch The Throne’ Album Review:

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Hip Hop

Jay-z and Kanye West’s “Watch The Throne” lived up to the hype. I’m going to go through track by track and explain why this is the best album to drop since The Game’s “The Documentary” in 2005.

1: No Church In The Wild
With vocals from Odd Future’s Frank Ocean this track is perfect for the intro of WTT. Frank Ocean asks “What’s a God to a non-believer” … you just get the feel this album is going to be special. Jay gets Kanye on this one, Jay’s first verse “Lies on the lips of priests. Thanksgiving disguised as a feast.”
overall dope track.

2: Lift Off
Really my only big problem with this album. Beyonce just doesn’t belong at all. Hate the hook, don’t think the beat is good or should be on a hip hop album, and the lyrics aren’t anything special.
overall worst song on the album

3: Ni***s In Paris
One of the early fan favorites from WTT. This song starts off with a clip from Will Ferrell’s “Blades of Glory” movie. This is the club banger without a doubt, the beat by Hit-Boy is insane or should I say “That shit cray”. Jay changes up a biggie line and says “I’m liable to go Michael, take your pick
Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Game 6” and then Ye killed it with “Prince William ain’t do it right if you ask me
Cause if I was him I would have married Kate and Ashley” line.
overall dope track

4: Otis
This is the song that set the tone for the album, the single with no hook. Just an Otis Redding sample in the background and 2 rappers going back and forth. Classic song that hopefully can change some of the ways artist try to make music. There is no need to stick to the basic formula and make the catchy hook single. They both killed this track. “(JZ)I got 5 passports im never going to jail. (KW) I made Jesus Walks im never going to hell.”
overall dope track

5: Gotta Have It
A little short if you ask me, but a good track. The Neptunes produced this one for Jay and Kanye. It’s something different, not a basic song at all. Kanye goes first with Jay coming in and out and then vice versa in the 2nd verse. Jay says “I’m planking on a million”
overall good track

6: New Day
“Me and The RZA Connect” the first lines from Kanye and Jay before their verses. RZA produced one of the best tracks on the album. Both Kanye and Jay open up to some of their life problems by explaining to their unborn kids the better way to live. “I never let my son have an ego” – Kanye and then Jay “Sorry Junior, I already ruined ya. You aint even alive and papparazzi persuing ya”
overall dope track

7: That’s My Bitch
Feels a little out of place this track. At first it was said to be a bonus track because it leaked months ago. That’s where it should have stayed. It’s okay but again, the hook and the beat is simple. The theme is dumb.
overall ok track

8: Welcome to the Jungle
one of swizz beatz best track he produced is what a lot of fans are saying. Jay-z opens up “No crying in public just lying to judges” This one is a little short though.
overall good track

9: Who Gon Stop Me
A dope “Dub set” track, I don’t like the idea of a rappers doing that but it came out sick. “Heard Yeezy was racist. thats only on one basis. I only like green faces” Ye rips Jay in the begining and then Jay murders him at the end.
overall dope track

10: Murder To Excellence
This track is bascially two songs. The first “Murder” is dedicated to Danroy Henry the Pace football player who was shot and killed by a police officer last year. That part was produced by Swizz Beatz and the second was produced by S1. Both tracks in one is dope.
overall dope track

11: Made In America
The 2nd Frank Ocean feature on the album. He kills the hook as he sings “Sweet King Martin, Sweet Queen Coretta, Sweet Brother Malcolm, Sweet Queen Betty, Sweet Mother Mary, Sweet Father Joseph, Sweet Jesus, We made it in America.
Sweet Baby Jesus, ooooh oh sweet baby Jesus, We made it in America”
overall dope track

12: Why I Love You
This track features Mr. Hudson and both Jay and Ye send shots to their haters. Beanie Sigel took a few shots on this track.
overall dope track

“Illest Mother Fucker Alive” after a 3min pause, it finally starts and it’s one of my favorites off the album. Jay explains why he’s the King of hip hop “King Hov, I’m exactly what the fuck you think
11 in a row, Bill Russell rings. Michael Jordan swag, yall think Michael Jordan bad? Nigga I got 5 more rings than Michael Jordan had. Elvis has left the building now I’m on the Beatles ass”
overall dope track

“H*A*M*” another interesting pick for Jay and Ye to leak this track before any other. This was supposed to be left off the album, i’m glad it made it.
overall good track

doesn’t stand out, pretty good track though. It should have been switched with “That’s My Bitch” Ye stays on his game even in the bonus tracks “Damn Yeezy they all gotta be dimes? well adam gave up a rib so mine better be prime”
overall good track

“The Joy” leaked awhile ago, It was either a G.O.O.D. Friday track or just randomly leaked. Nice classic hip hop feel to it but not like the rest of the album.
overall ok track

OK here it is, my final note … Watch The Throne is a 9.5/10 in my book! Jay-z and Kanye West lived up to the hype.

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