The Game: Marketing Major?

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Hip Hop

Game dropped his 4th album “The RED Album” on Tuesday and already had the # 1 album on iTunes but today he wanted to secure his # 1 spot.

The Game said he would follow anyone who went out re-bought The RED Album today and showed a recipe. I wasn’t the only idiot to do this:

We all know it is very hard for any artist in any music genre to sell CDs today but The Game has come up with a genius idea that might actually work. He might have doubled his sales by just following some of his fans back on twitter. It also gives the fans a little more back for supporting their favorite artists. This idea could spread, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see this in other genres of music outside of hip hop. Go out and buy The RED Album not even for a follow back because it’s a good album.


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