Lil’ Wayne “Tha Carter IV” Album Review:

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Hip Hop
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After “Sorry 4 The Wait” Weezy comes back with his highly anticipated album “Tha Carter IV”

Track by Track breakdown and ratings:

1: Intro
Pretty average, not a big fan of the beat but not bad for an intro.

2: Blunt Blowin (Produced by Develop)
Love the beat and a great flow of the song, chorus is sub-par, overall a pretty good track though.

3: Megaman
No chorus in this song, pretty much a freestyle, Weezy kinda jumpin around everywhere in this one. Below average song.

4: 6 Foot 7 Foot featuring Cory Gunz (Produced by Bangladesh)
Been out for a while now, I thought the beat was creative and different. The Cory Gunz feature wasn’t bad either, good track.

5: Nightmares Of The Bottom
Another track that’s been out, the beat is whatever, Weezy almost sounds like he’s ready to fall asleep on this track. Okay track.

6: She Will featuring Drake (Produced by T-Minus)
One of my favorite songs on the album. Great beat and Drake kills the chorus as usual. Above average track.

7: How To Hate featuring T-Pain
Can someone get T-Pain a new gig? Auto-tune is past dead and the majority of this song is T-Pain singing. Two below-average verses from Weezy, least favorite track.

8: Interlude featuring Tech N9ne & Andre 3000
Continued from the Intro, Tech N9ne rips a verse followed by Andre 3000 spittin a good verse. Really made me forget how I didn’t like the beat.

9: John featuring Rick Ross
Another old song, below average lyrics and I can’t help but laugh at the chorus. Someone let Rick Ross know he’s got a chopper in the car.

10: Abortion
Kinda expected more from this song, sick beat but the lyrics/chorus really have nothing to do with the song name. It’s like Weezy just spits to rhyme words with clever catch phrases but no story. Average

11: So Special featuring John Legend (Produced by Cool & Dre)
Not a bad song, kinda for the ladies but John Legend delivers an awesome chorus. I can’t really defend the line “Cause she my honey bee, yeah, buzz buzz” though.

12: How To Love
Radio hit, grew on me a little bit, average song.

13: President Carter (Produced by Infamous)
This could have been a great song, the hook was awesome but Wayne just doesn’t know how to tell a story. I feel like this song is a bunch of reused lyrics/lines (Example: I tried to fuck the world and couldn’t even get aroused)

14: It’s Good featuring Jadakiss & Drake (Produced by Young Ladd and Cool & Dre)
Another one of my favorite songs on the album. Great beat, nice verses from Jada and Drake, and the controversial verse from Wayne.

15: Outro featuring Bun B, Nas, Shyne, & Busta Rhymes
The final song of the album, Bun B and Nas start off with great verses. I have no clue what happened to Shyne, but it wasn’t good, and Busta finishes it off strong.

Bonus Tracks:

I Like The View:
Throw away track, no real impression from it. Something weird going on with his voice in the hook.

Mirror featuring Bruno Mars:
Actually really liked this track and wish it was on the album. Weezy finally gave something a little more from the heart and got away from the metaphorical lyricism.

Two Shots:
Weird song, not sure what was going on with the beat, really killed the whole song. Weak hook too.

Overall I thought this album was a lot better then what people set it out to be. 15 tracks plus 3 bonus tracks, I’d say 11/18 were good. Lyrically, Weezy doesn’t blow you away, but he has his own flow that suits him pretty well. He’s always been big on metaphors in his rap, some are good but some are bad, and they also get a little played out sometimes. The beats and features definitely helped a lot though. Overall I’d give Tha Carter IV a 7/10.


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