Tupac 15 Year Tribute 4: Bruce Hornsby Talks Approving 2Pac’s “Changes”

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Hip Hop

Singer and songwriter Bruce Hornsby is the creator of the 1986 hit “The Way It Is,” which was used by Tupac to make his hit “Changes”

Hornsby talks about the song Tupac made from his sample:
“The original [‘Changes’] was a lot dirtier, had a lot of the n-word,” Hornsby tells LA Weekly. “They took that out for the single. I didn’t request it; it’s their creation, it wasn’t my place to say anything.”
Hornsby added that the experiencing the song made him a 2Pac fan, and that due to the song’s message, he’s okay with the words on his now infamous chorus being changed around.
“And I must say I like the checks,” Hornsby said of the royalties he receives from “Changes.” “I was sort of floored by [2Pac’s creativity]. I thought he was so clever, and really profound, and deep. There’s a lot of gravitas to Tupac’s music, to me.”


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