J. Cole “Cole World: The Sideline Story” Album Review:

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Hip Hop

J. Cole’s debut album “Cole World: The Sideline Story” drops on Roc Nation this Tuesday (September 27th) … read the ItsCaveTalk track by track album review after the jump!

Intro: Cole starts off the album, starting to tell his boys about the day he got signed … where it all started.
Dollar n Dream III:

almost too good for a first track, it really sets the tone for the rest of the album.
Can’t Get Enough (Feat. Trey Songz):
even tho Cole said there would be no features this track fits well. Something different from Cole w the Trey hook, another good song.
Lights Please:
The song that put Cole on the map. At first this bothered me, that it was going to be on the album but it fits perfectly. The track is over 2 years old but it is his best song to date and alot of people never got a chance to hear it. Classic song, glad its on the album.
Interlude: Cole continues the story of the day he got signed …
Sideline Story:

I do like how the interlude goes into the track and it basically splits the album in half. Because the 2nd half of the album gets real serious and on point. This track is ok, obv good lyrics but nothing special and kinda boring production wise.
Mr Nice Watch (Feat. Jay-z):
Hate the beat, and one of the worst verses I heard from jay since kingdom come in 06. This track doesn’t fit on this album at all. I think both Cole n jay tried to rush a collab and IMO it failed. these last two tracks are my least favorite on the album.
Cole World:
This track brings u back to the classic Cole which the begining of the album had. One of my favorite tracks off the album, good feel to it.
In The Morning (Feat. Drake):
another really old track but it’s one that people can identify j Cole with so I can’t hate that its on the album. It’s a great song that got alot of radio play, a good feature w drake
Lost Ones:
Another track that was heard before the album even leaked, this is very deep but very good song. One of Cole’s best to date.
Nobody’s Perfect (Feat. Missy Elliot):
A surprising feature missy elliot and she came through w a great hook. A real good song, I’m a big fan of this random collab
Never Told:
good track, another soulful beat with a good story to it. Real down to earth comparable situation for anyone growing up. Cole Should have added some sort of a hook though.
Rise and Shine:
Classic Hov intro on this record, one of my favorite tracks. J Cole kills this track all around
Gods Gift:
Amazing track, probably the best hook from Cole on This album
Cole breaks down and talks about his relationship with his father who wasn’t around. His mothers drug problem and other everyday problems alot of people deal with . Another deep but dope track.
BONUS Tracks:
Nothing Lasts Forever:
Ok track, didn’t really love the hook but it wasn’t a bad song. Cole just makes music everyone can relate to so it’s hard to dislike any but if I had to, I’d say this isn’t one of my favorites.
Daddy’s Little Girl:
Great track, so original. Even thought it’s technically a bonus song, I think it’s a perfect way to end the album. Leaves the people wanting more, can’t wait to hear the next cole track. It’s like you didn’t want the album to end.

Overall …
some people don’t like using old tracks to fill up an album, I thought they worked. J. Cole stayed with his formula, didn’t switch it up and he made a great album. Not much to complain about …
Lyrically the album is amazing
Production wise, mostly up but a couple downs
The hooks were hit or miss.
I’d give J. Cole’s debut a 9/10 … I really liked it, real original, real lyrical and most importantly real good. Cole lives up to the hype, can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us throughout the rest of his career.

  1. Zhara says:

    I think the only problem w/ this review is that Sideline story is an amazing track, i agreed w/ everything else that was said especially about Mr.Nice Watch.

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