Drake “Take Care” album review

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Other

Drake’s sophomore album “Take Care” hit the net Sunday night but the albu drops November 15th. Here’s ItsCaveTalk’s track by track album review:

Over My Dead Body
Drizzy starts off the album strong with a very similar track to his first track on Thank Me Later “Fire Works”. The beat is very similar, it was produced my Drake’s boy “40” … This is the first of six solo produced tracks by 40. Strictly rap on this track, drake kills it. Solid intro.
Shot For Me
Here comes the critics, Drake starts off the second track singing. Drake has been around for a couple years now, people still don’t know he sings? I don’t get it. Drake has a rap verse in the middle of this track, it’s okay. There’s better tracks on the album but it’s not horrible. He could have picked a better 2nd track in my opinion but it’s fine.
The single. Hate it or love it, this will be heard over 100 times on your radio daily. This is a classic drake hit single, it has everything a hit needs. They Know, Great track.
Crew Love
The Weeknd makes his first of a couple appearances on the album here. The Weeknd takes over the first 1:48 of the track then Drake come in. Drake raps on this track, this is another great track. The Weeknd closes it out with the hook, if your not a fan of The Weeknd you won’t like this track.
Take Care
The title track of the album features Rihanna. Usually I hate Rihanna on hip hop albums but she really helped make a classic here. One of the best tracks on the album. Any way you look at this track, it definitely is a hit record. I expect this track to take over the radio this winter into the spring.
Marvin’s Room / Buried Alive Interlude
We all know Marvin’s Room shut the Internet down when it dropped. This is a classic track from Drake. One of the best of his young career. This songs lyrics can be seen on millions of Facebook and Twitter pages, it’s just that type of song. This track goes right into the Buried Alive Interlude. This is where fans can hear Kendrick Lamar, Yes he really is on the album. Just like Wayne did on Carter4 with most of his features, Kendrick and Drake aren’t on the song together. The interlude is just a verse from Kendrick alone. A very different kind of verse from K Dot but it is amazing. This interlude fits perfect, it goes right into what a lot of people are saying is the best song on the album …
Underground Kings
A perfect mix of Drake’s talents on this track. He spits and he kills the hook as usual. It also has one of the sickest beats on the album, this one produced by T-Minus.
We’ll Be Fine
Another great track, again produced by T-Minus. Drake spits and kills the hook again. You hear Drake shout out one of his influence in his career Aaliyah on this track. A nice cameo from birdman on this track aka he doesn’t rap just talks.
Make Me Proud
Another radio hit, a feel good track for the ladies. Nicki helps drake out on this one, or tries to. Her verse is awful “I’m a star … Sheriff Badge.” come on nicki! I will give credit though, her bridge before the hook is real legit. She should sing more. Oh well, this is still a solid song. Drake is proud of you ladies.
Lord Knows
Just Blaze reminds us that he is the best producer in the game. (yeah I’m looking at you dr dre). Drake addresses his haters, “Know that I don’t make music for niggas who don’t get pussy.” whoa. This is before the feature even comes in. Ricky Rozay does the job right. You get to hear the typical classic one liners from the mmg boss “only fat nigga in a sauna with jews”. This is another early fan favorite off the album.
Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude bet you didn’t know this, Lex Luger produced this slow jam. The producer who is known for bass knocking, hard hits made one of his softest for drake. This is a little slow like I said but not bad. A nice change of pace to show you different sides of drizzy. The Interlude at the end is strictly R&B as he takes you to the next track …
Doing It Wrong
Stevie Wonder on the track, yup Drake got Stevie on this one. An R&B track where drake expresses frustration in past relationship(s). He tells you he needs “someone different”. Stevie with the harmonica at the end of this track gives it a classic feel. Love the originality of this idea but the songs just good not great.
The Real Her
Andre 3000 and Weezy go head to head on this one. Drake starts off with his R&B rapping in the first 2 verses, he also handles the hook. 3rd verse is Lil Wayne, which isn’t terrible. It’s a calm beat where Wayne can’t ramble and say something stupid. He stays on topic and does fine. Andre 3000 ends it with one of the best verses on the album.
Look What You’ve Done
A slow track, nothing really different on these track. Nothing that really stands out, could have left this off the album. The end of this song has an audio clip of Drakes grandmother leaving a message for Drake saying she’s proud of him and thanks him for everything he has done for her.
HYFR Hell Yea Fuckin Right
Never understood why let weezy do the hook when Drake is on the track but that is what they do here. Drake rips the first verse and then weezy comes in for the hook and then spits. The song is pretty legit. Another banger produced by T-Minus.
This track was one of the songs that held the album back from getting released in October. If you can tell this song has Juvenile’s “back that ass up” sample in it. Drake even flips the song and makes the hook very similar to Juveniles. This is yet another good song.
Bonus Tracks
The Ride
This was said to be “Drakes best song he ever made”. This also was one of the two tracks that didn’t originally leak when the whole album hit the net. I don’t wanna take all of that out on this song because it is good but it’s just not amazing. It’s not even close to the best song Drakes ever made. It is good though, The Weeknd is featured again on this one. Solid track.
The Motto
I am glad this turned into a bonus song, it doesn’t fit the album at all. I hope it’s not on the physical album when it hits stores next week. Lil Wayne might have the worst verse in his career on this track. “I’m twisted … Door knob.” or “skeet skeet skeet … watergun” smh wow. My least favorite song of the whole album.

Overall this album is very good, I think it’s definitely better than Thank Me Later. Take Care has to be in your top 5 albums of 2011. I believe it is better than J.Cole’s ColeWorld the sideline story debut album. I’m just trying to figure out if it is better than Watch The Throne. This is a great album from a great young artist, we are very lucky to have such a talented artist who will be around for a while. I’ll give the album 9.5/10 thank you drake


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